Within the energy market, there do seem to be some myths that put people off the idea of switching to another energy supplier. Consumers end up staying with the same suppliers for many years and in a lot of cases can end up overpaying for their energy because they believe that switching supplier will be too difficult or time consuming. When in reality, switching provider isn't difficult at all; here at Switch we manage the process from start to finish and can be done by yourself in a matter of minutes.

Here are some of the most common myths that put people off switching:

"I can't switch supplier because I don't own the property"

If you are responsible for paying the energy of your home, you have the right to switch energy supplier, whenever you want. If you're not sure on whether you are responsible for the energy, you will likely find this in the terms of your tenancy or check with your landlord directly.

"I won't save enough money to bother switching"

Usually if you have never switched supplier before, you will find yourself on the suppliers Standard Variable Tariff. This is the tariff that you are usually rolled onto by your energy supplier if you haven't agreed to another tariff or changed supplier. SVT's (Standard Variable Tariffs) are usually more expensive than fixed rate tariffs, therefore by switching to another supplier or tariff, you may be able to save upwards of £300 per year.

"Switching is difficult and time consuming"

Many people are put off from switching by the belief that moving to a new supplier can be time consuming, stressful or overly complicated, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Switching energy with us is one of the easiest utilities to switch and only takes a few minutes. Once we have received your switch, we will take care of everything, meaning no hassle or stress for you.

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